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Dr Gary Adno

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Dentist in Edgecliff


Paying attention to the health of your teeth is an important part of your personal health care routine. Only a qualified dentist has the skills and training to meet all of your oral health needs. Regular visits to your local dentist can prolong the life of your teeth, keep your smile attractive and mitigate any chronic pain or discomfort you may be having.


Serving the communities of Woollahra, Paddington, Rushcutters Bay, Darling Point and Edgecliff, we offer a range of dental services geared towards providing you with a comfortable dental experience. During your visit, you will be provided with neck cushions while having a choice of music or video to entertain you and keep you at ease during the examination.


Our examination rooms have the latest tools in dentistry. With digital dental X-rays, the dentist can adjust and zoom in on images to get more accurate information for a diagnosis, while exposing you to less radiation than traditional X-rays. Using a small intra-oral camera, the dentist is able to take photographs of the patient’s mouth and magnify them to get a precise picture of any problems. Special diagnostic lasers can detect small cavities and alert the dentist. They can then be fixed before they cause major damage to your tooth.


The dentist is highly experienced and can provide you with both preventative and restorative services. Regular check-ups can catch problems while they are small. The dentist can also fix larger problems like missing or damaged teeth by filling cavities or applying crowns to protect weakened teeth.


Children are welcomed as patients. Staff will go out of their way to help them feel safe and secure. Call for an initial examination so that your child can get to know the dentist and have an opportunity to feel comfortable with the environment. Children can watch television from a “spaceship” chair while their teeth are examined. The dentist will give them a balloon and stickers and provide parents with information about the child’s dental health.


Cosmetic dental services are also available. Consult with the dentist about any problems or concerns you have with your oral health. Call today for an appointment to see the dentist.


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